The Bright side of being quarantine..


“I am aware of the severity of the coronavirus COVID-19, the effect it has on our health, economy and lifestyle. I know people are suffering and dying from this virus. I do not wish to make a light hearted topic”

Dear Lovely,

I regret that my first blog post on this website is about a life threatening virus, But i’m here to look at the bright side, take a positive spin on this issue. Again I am not saying we should all jump up and rejoice at being quarantined and isolated. But with everything I believe we should find a ray of hope no matter how little.

We are given Time; Time to spend with ourselves and our loved ones. Let's admit we as adults have been made to feel guilty for having any free time to ourselves. From high school we are always moving, in a rush: go to university, graduate, get a job, and pay bills. Now is the perfect time to 5 years? What are your likes and dislikes?

This is a perfect opportunity to start thinking of creative romantic ideas that you and your partner can enjoy indoors: either wearing that new lingerie to bed, making a candle lit dinner, movie night, something new and exciting to keep the romance going.

We are more aware of your personal Hygiene; following the NHS guideline to protect ourselves from this virus, we as collectives are paying more attention to our personal hygiene. We are taking extra measures to ensure our home and surroundings are kept impeccably clean, making hygiene our top priority.

Believe it or not humans are responsible for 66% of pollution and waste. Being quarantined means there are less people littering, less carbon emission for cars which equals a safer environment for birds and marine life as well as better air quality. According to this article the air condition has improved in china and italy

"Thought I’d spread a bit of positivity for you guys. Since the lockdown of Venice without the pollution from boats the water has begun to clear up and a dolphin has been spotted in the canal for the first time in nearly 60 years!"

— Jack (@NotLacazette) March 17, 2020

-kindness of strangers : It is during a hard time you can see the good in humanity, a lot of people as well as business has offered their services and goods spreading a wave of kindness and generosity, Yes they are the few that buys up all the toilet papers and groceries [insert eye roll] but they are also those offering care package to homeless people, Friends posting on Facebook offering cereals, milk, home cooked meal for people who could not go to the shops . There are a lot of businesses offering discounts, free online classes like Enter code 'SELFCARE' and also a lot of webinars available so keep you entertained and educational. Use this as an opportunity to learn that new skill.

Honestly the amount of kindness is very admirable.

I have included a downloadable pdf below, show your inner lingerie designer and design your own set of lingerie using this template. Tag and #mcallistoindoors shows us your creative side. I would love to see your design. Stay safe and have fun.

Yours Lovely,


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