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Maria Igwebuike nominated for Visa Everywhere pioneer 20

Here's an improved version of the blog post:

"Celebrating Our Founder: Maria Igwebuike Honored as Visa Everywhere Pioneer"

This week, our founder Maria Igwebuike received the prestigious Visa Everywhere Pioneer 20 award. This recognition celebrates her groundbreaking work in sustainable bridal fashion and social entrepreneurship. Let's dive into Maria's thoughts on this incredible achievement:

1. What does being a pioneer mean to you?

"When I first received the email from Vanessa at We Are The City, I was stunned. I thought, 'She can't be talking about me – I just make underwear!' But looking back, I realize how far Maria Callisto has come. Our commitment to sustainability in the bridal industry and our social missions have created a business that's truly pioneering. It's amazing how sometimes we don't see our own value. So, to anyone reading this: you're doing great, and you're worthy of all your achievements."

2. How do you feel about being nominated as one of 20 pioneers in refugee-led entrepreneurship?

"I feel powerful and important. Being surrounded by passionate women who've created visions, communities, and dreams from nothing was truly inspiring. Hearing everyone's stories – their struggles and triumphs – left me feeling blessed and part of something greater."

3. What inspires you to continue working closely with marginalized communities?

"My inspiration comes from my community, my story, and my beliefs. I often doubt myself, thinking I'm not enough – not strong enough, not smart enough. But I have a light in me and a skill for creating beautiful lingerie. I want to use this talent to empower not just myself, but many other women like me. It's about using what I'm good at to better my community."

4. What does the future hold for Maria Callisto?

"The future of Maria Callisto is bright, but our mission goes beyond creating stunning lingerie. We're committed to empowering women from refugee backgrounds through sewing workshops and employment opportunities. By joining our team, these resilient women gain financial independence and a sense of community and purpose. We're bridging a gap in the industry by combining sustainable fashion with social impact."

Maria concludes, "The award ceremony was truly amazing. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Visa Everywhere and We Are The City for this incredible opportunity. Congratulations to all the phenomenal women recognized – you deserve it all, and you looked absolutely beautiful."

Maria Igwebuike receiving her award at Visa Pioneer 20
Maria Callisto nominated as 20 pioneering business in 2024
Maria Igwebuike discuss the future of refugee led businesses
Founder accepting prestige award in London

2024 pioneer 20 nominee we are the city and Visa Everywhere

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