L E M O N summer Tips

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Stay refreshed and enjoy these easy DIYs tips.

Make Lemonade


- Make a simple syrup first, by heating water and sugar until the sugar dissolve

- Squeeze 3 unwaxed lemon juice to the mixture

- Let it cool down

- Add cool water to dilute

- Add a slice of lemon and mint leaves and ice cubes

Lemon cleaning spray


- 1 quart tightly packed lemon peels in a jar

- Fill the jar to the top with White distilled vinegar

- Strain the vinegar, discard the peels, and store the vinegar in a glass jar in a dark, cool spot.

- Add half cup of the lemon mixture t a spray bottle and dilate with 2 cups of water

- Add 2 table spoon of Unscented liquid castile soap

- Optional add 20 drops of Lemon essential oil.

- Shake well and spray on surface and wipe with a damp cloth

Lemon and honey hair mask

For soft shiny hair


-1 tablespoon of lemon juice

-2 tablespoon of olive oil

-3 tablespoon of honey

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl, apply on to dry hair from scalp to root. Leave for 20-30 mins before shampooing.

Lip exfoliating scrub for soft kissable lips


- 2 tablespoon sugar

- 1 tablespoon lemon juice

- I table spoon coconut oil

- Mix together and store in a glass container, increase recipe for body scrub

These are my four DIYs using LEMONS as key ingredients. Lemons are high in vitamin c and fiber. This nutrient is good for health heart, and weight control and improve digestion. Lemons on skin are good to brighten dark spots and acne spots as well as antioxidant.

bare in mind using lemon juice on hair can lighten your hair, and alway apply SPF after applying lemon juice to your skin and avoid sun exposure as much as possible..( so use with discretion )

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