Five ways to enjoy your time of the month

With the launch of our Trinity panties, we are encouraging an open discussion about Periods!

Recently I have been learning a lot about my body; things I wished I had learnt earlier on about how to care for my body and learning to enjoy my time of the month.

So I have created a list of things I do, and also routines I would love to include more frequency during my period.

(P.s I track my cycle using an app called P.C ( Period calendar ) from the app store!)

1. self care

This is rule 1 of your period/ this time of the month, especially the first few days before your period.

This is time you feel extremely bloated, with sensitive nipples, aches and the hormonal pimples (ekkk)

I love to use this time to focus on my skincare to minimise the acne, I recommend a pre period facial,

- use a deep cleanser

- facial steam, mud mask to cleanse the pore, use your favourite serum, include some tea tree oil or any acne creams. I have also started using a facial light therapy wand as well ( it's prefect for those painful pimple ).

2. Baths ( obvi )

I take a scented bath, personally I don't enjoy taking baths on my period so I do this a couple of days before. I don’t use strong fragrances like bath bomb or bath soap, but I do gentle essential oils such as eucalyptus or bath salts and just lay in there, just to relax my muscles.

3. Most importantly comfy clothes, especially comfy underwear! Trinity knickers are made specially for this time of the month; with 100% cotton which is so breathable and good for your intimate area, soft elastic that are very comfy and allows a lot of stretch for those bloating days. But not your regular ugly period panties, this trio set is fun and cute and the perfect lounge panties for you ladies that don't like wearing your PJ bottoms to bed. But still want to still feel sexy!

4. opt for natural and eco friendly pads and tampons, we need to pay attention to the pads we buy. Myfreda is a female owned brand in London that specialise in eco friendly feminine products, All Myfreda product are made using organic cotton, free from all pesticide and synthetic residue which is gentle and healthy for your intimate area and also the environment!

Look to enter my giveaway on IG for a chance to win Trinity ( trio ) Knickers and a month worth of Myfreda sanitary products

5. interact with friends! Yes, most of us are still isolating, but it's nice to make time with family and friends, socialise, have a laugh and distract yourself from the cramps. Also this is a great time for me to vent as my PMS is ridiculous.

5. Do a gentle work out, or do some pilates. I can't stress enough how much I enjoy pilates, or yoga, just something to get you out of bed and your body moving. Please take this time to slow down ( i don't recommend heavy workout or weight training) only if that's what you enjoy.


If all else fails, stay in bed!

Honestly if you can and don't want to do any of the above tips, stay in bed...use this time to be by yourself and rest..

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