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Bridal Style Predictions for 2024

The bridal fashion world is always evolving with new styles, fabrics, and trends each year. As we look ahead to weddings in 2024, here are some of the top bridal trends predicted by experts: These predictions are from trends that have seen a major rise from 2023 and our own research following industry trends that we know our 2024 brides will be loving.

- Something deeper BLUE

Brides are opting for deeper and richer tone of blue like sapphire and navy instead of the traditional pale blues.

We are seeing more brides choosing this richer blues especially in their loungewear and lingerie, this has been popular especially for bridal sleepovers with their bridesmaid on get ready in the morning shoots.

This trend is also becoming prominent in makeup looks, Most brides will not wear blue eyeshadow on the day of the wedding, but will be more opt to experiment with bolder makeup for hen party look or after party looks.

silk pyjamas set

- Metallic Princess

The rise of metallics and chrome in accessories like shoes instead of going for the classic white shoes , especially on nails last year we were crazy about donut glazed nails and more brides will go bold with metallic nails on their big day

- Bow crazy

This is a 2023 viral trend that doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon, we will have brides that will go extreme bow crazy like the over the rainbow wedding dress for reception dress or You can be more subtle by incorporating element of this fun, playful croquette trend in your wedding decor, subtly adding bows to your wine glasses, accessories like gloves, purses and hair ribbons as intended.

Over the Moon dress

- Delicate Embroidery

This is already popular with brides, embroidery is a great way to personalise and add sentiment to your wedding. But this year we will see a lot of brides having fun with more intricate and lavish embroidery that tells a compelling story of the couple's union.

We recommend Hannah embroidery, a Suffolk based artisan

This is a fab opportunities to up cycled vintage materials like grandmothers lace, heirloom pieces into your modern gowns. A+ for sustainability!

- Statement Jewellery

Big and Bold especially with earring especially on the big day, We are expecting to see a lot of statement and brides will be leaning toward chunkier wedding bands and more extravagant jewelleries like the beautiful hair piece below from Hermione Harbutt

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