6 lingerie to wear indoors

Hi lovelies,

Hope you are doing well?

Today I am going to share my six lingerie picks to wear indoors for each day of the week. This lingerie are based on my weekly routine, I hope you will find some cute lingerie to add to your collection.

Sunday's for me is usually a lazy day. filled with relaxing, lounging around and getting mentally ready for the start of the week.

I know recently every day has been feeling like a sunday.




Monday is usually my admin day, I reply to emails, do all the boring excel stuff. I will spend most of the day on my laptop so therefore I want to be as comfy as possible while still looking corporate and smart for all my zoom meetings.

“Pierrot” Party Pyjama Set in Pink

$ 168.00


Tuesday for me is a creative day. I do most of my sketching, pattern drafting and creative tasks, I usually lean towards muted colours, something I don't mind getting dirty. Ideally a men’s oversize t-shirt or pyjamas set.

Pyjamas T shirt and short


H & M

Wednesday in my opinion is alway the best day, you are getting into the groove of the week

I seem to be more active and ready for fun and I want to feel cute and effortlessly sexy ( I woke up like this vibe )

Flutter slip


Maria Callisto

Thursday is wholesome day, a lot of interaction, gathering and spending time with your partner, making dinner, Netflix and chilling kinda day.

Madreperla set


Soft & wet

Friday is a more romantic day, Friday nights are perfect date nights, Maybe set up a home cooked dinner date with candle lights and a glass of merlot. This is the best way to start the weekend being a little bit tipsy.

Valentine’ body


Maria Callisto

Saturday for me is a day of running errands, pretty much one of the only days I wear a bra... that is why bralette are a staple in my wardrobe, I want something that is comfy and easy just to throw on a white button up, jeans and head out the door.



Maria Callisto