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A 2014 study in Nairobi’s Mathare Valley slum found that over 75% of girls had no idea what menstruation was before they got their first period.


Imagine the horror and anxiety for a young girl who just got her first period, having no previous knowledge of what it is and why she is bleeding.This can be a traumatic experience for them and can cause  them to feel anxious, confused and ashamed about their periods

We will be offering...

Your donation would be used to provide a series of 2 hours workshops and pay for curated care packages that would be sent out to refugee camps. This care package would include a pair of Trinity knicker, pads and tampons, wet wipes, body wash, face towels.

Part of the donation would go towards purchasing an industrial machine and materials that would be use to make a pair of Trinity Knickers which would be included in the care package donated to refugee camps.

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I don’t know if you ever wondered why Butterflies tend to appear in most of my lingerie, this is because butterflies to me represent Freedom, Freedom of rights, freedom of speech, freedom to migrants and freedom to LIVE ! 

Immigrants and minorities are being deprived of their basic human rights, any  financial assistance or legal help. An asylum seeker as for 2020 is  given £37.75  weekly that is £5.39 daily to feed three meals a day, pay for daily transportation, get a drink…. 

That is a equivalent to the price of a Venti at Starbucks.

I can't begin to understand how trapped and helpless they must feel, with very little to no  freedom at all, Not being able to able for a job, get into higher education, not eligible for a loan or public funding. This is not a Life anyone wish for, Parent do not put their little children on a boat for this..

That’s why for the launch of L E M O N 20% of all sales will go to Suffolk refugee support.

This charity is so close to heart and they have helped countless families settle into the UK, seek refuge and financial aid. 


With every sales of My L E M O N collection 20%  which is £13.40 will go to assist an asylum family with funding for daily needs like transportation,  clothing, food and hygiene products pretty much daily needs.