Recycling and Upcycling 

Sustainability is at the core of our brand. We aim to reduce the negative impact fashion has on our environment. We love our planet and our lingerie does too.

For all of our collections, we use a lot of dead-stock and remnants of fabric, so we can reduce wastage that is likely to end up in landfill.

Our HONEYMOON package has a particular focus on sustainability, solving a problem brides have faced over centuries:what to do with their remnant fabrics from alteration and that old wedding dress tucked away in the depth of their closet. Our custom bridal range is handmade from preloved wedding dresses, preventing waste by repurposing beautiful leftover fabric and trims. 

This is a very intimate experience as we work closely with you to design and create your dream lingerie.

This collection is handmade with upcycled fabrics from preloved wedding dresses, preventing waste by repurposing beautiful leftover fabric.


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we are PLASTIC FREE!!!

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We are constantly inspired by our environment - , We live in an amazing world but sadly we as humans fail to see the magic in our everyday life. Maria Callisto aspires to be very aware and transparent with our brand structure while also reflecting our values of gentleness and gratefulness for our environment.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, where each piece arrives in postal boxes that we advise you recycle. We only use tissue paper and never buy or package with plastic or plastic based oxo biodegradable materials.

we encourage you to reuse our gift boxes and gift bags afterwards.

With every lingerie we give back to our community. We design to raise  awareness about different social issues passionate to us. 

So you know your lingerie is doing good works in our community.

We aim to create an environment of belonging and sisterhood, we as we as women can confined, share and support one another.

We use our platform to educate and have open discussions on social issues concerning femininity, ethics and sustainability.

Find out all the causes we support ......

Social Mission

We Give back and create Awareness with most our Lingerie.

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Maria Callisto is a bespoke lingerie brand that caters to women, who wants something handmade and personal for special occasions. The high quality and care we put into our products makes it not your everyday shop, but you're go-to for special occasions. High skill is paired with innovation recycling, refashioning customers' scraps of fabric from, say, wedding dresses, into lingerie-repurposing and invigorating them.

Maria Callisto luxury lingerie is a bespoke lingerie brand that celebrates and empowers Sensuality. We aim to provide elegant designs that not only look good on but feel goods. Being a bespoke brand we allow our customer to have a role in the design process by requesting specific measurements, mix and match already made sizes to give her the best fit possible and the most comfort. We also offer a Honeymoon package that will allow brides-to-be to incorporate the remnant from their wedding dress to create a keep-sake and a life time of memory in a form of Lingerie.

Maria was fortunate to discover her passion in fashion from an early age, She spent most of her free time sketching, hand sewing and DIYs. Maria studies Fashion design at college and later a Lingerie pattern cutting course at London college of fashion.